The Acceleration Academies staff is structured to provide wrap-around support for our Graduation Candidates, which allows for engaging learning environments and also provides the opportunity for personal growth. Each member has a specific role, but all work toward the goal of seeing our Graduation Candidates succeed.


Executive Directors lead and manage all faculty and staff, keeping them strongly connected to the mission of Acceleration Academies. They create and maintain a positive school culture and lead the instructional vision of the Acceleration Academy program. The Director shall act as the Academy head as well as the liaison between Acceleration Academies, the school district, and the community and its organizations that can best assist in Graduation Candidate success.


Content Coaches are highly qualified state certified teachers in the subject areas of History, Math, Science, and English.  Content Coaches are available to our Graduation Candidates in individual or small group settings. They collaborate with other instructional staff to develop interdisciplinary and project based curricula and alternative assessments such as portfolios.

Special Education Coaches work closely with designated Graduation Candidates and their families to monitor their progress and support the learner. Special Education Coaches assist with the development of individualized learning pathways and support plans with fellow staff. 

Career Coaches are certified guidance counselors who help our Graduation Candidates in developing individualized career plans, researching career paths, and finding job openings. Career Coaches identify specific skills required for employment and help Graduation Candidates obtain these skills, as well as assist them in job application and interview preparation processes.


Life Coaches are certified social workers who have proven track records of working successfully with youth facing challenges both in and outside the classroom.  Life Coaches work with Graduation Candidates to assess their academic and personal needs while working in conjunction with Content and Career Coaches to ensure Graduation Candidates are fully supported.

Graduation Candidate Advocates (GCA) serve as mentors to our Graduation Candidates and support them on their paths to earning their diplomas. GCA’s offer wrap-around services to encourage, promote success, and serve as teaching assistants when needed. 


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